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Often Used And Popular Comments
Hello Moods I <3 Dogs Sorry :( Weekdays I <3 U
Friends Single Spanish Welcome <3 Sports Thanks
Family Flirty Congrats Couples Cool Cubes Girly
What's Up LMAO Call Me Misc. Party! I <3 Celebs
How R U B-Day!!! funny <3 People Ghetto Smack Talk
About Me XOXO About You thx 4 da + Zodiac Miss U :(
Happy New Year!

Of course we have your myspace new years eve comments here at GiveMeLip for you. We already have quite a bit but plan to add even more for you so keep checking back ;). Grab your: Myspace New Years Eve comments and images

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Valentines Day is coming fast!
Have you gotten your loved ones all that they desire? Well be sure to also send your love to their profiles and email otherwise when their friends post their myspace valentines day comments and you don't, you will have fund explaining why to your loved one ;)

Spread the Valentines Day Comments love to your friends on all the other networks now too!
We have plenty of related commentes and images to get your by during the Valentines rush so get all your "valentines comments" shopping done all right here!

Still just using our comment graphics just to comment myspace?
Well spread the love to your friends on all the other networks now too!

We kept getting request from users wanting to be able to use our Myspace Images and Funny Myspace Comments on the other networks they are also members of. We realized that not everyone wants to just comment myspace and some even wanted to use the myspace images on their blogs and forums. So we worked hard to add new comment codes so now along with the myspace comment codes there are also comment codes for most of the other networks, blogs and forums. Let us know if there are other networks that you want to use the glitter graphics on and we will work at adding that code as well. Let us know how the comment codes work if you use them for other networks besides just myspace.

TONS of new myspace images and myspace comments added...and always being added
It may not be obvious all the time but we are always adding new content. In fact we have tens of thousands of free myspace comments already on the site with tons being added all the time. Not only are we adding cool new myspace images and comment codes in new topics but we also add lot of new images to current categories. For example, we added a bunch of new comment graphics to the funny myspace comments section, the flirty myspace comments pages and the family myspace comments. Unfortunately they get mixed in with all the other comment codes but we are working to make them automatically make the newest myspace glitter graphics show up on the first pages so you don't have to dig so much to find the newest comments. Here are just a few of the newest myspace comments sections we added recently:

We also added a new mailing list so if you want to be the first to know about new stuff we add and get the latest news be sure to sign up for our newsletter! If you still haven't signed up for the newsletter you can sign up here.

Myspace Widgets and cool Myspace Surveys added
Did you miss the annoyingly ugly banner with the monkey on it? If you haven't been inclined to click on it, it leads to a bunch of our new Myspace Widgets. You can find your favorite Myspace Widgets and add them to your profile and blog and entertain your myspace friends and visitors. Since we keep getting request we also added some Myspace Surveys so you can add them to your profiles, post them in bulletins or even just drop them in your friends comment pages. We are looking to add even more different Myspace Surveys so if you have ideas and questions to add to a custom myspace survey feel free to email us and we make it into an official on the site for you!

We also added a google powered search engine to try to make it easier to find exactly what you need. You can usually find it at the bottom of any page you are on. It's still in beta mode so don't expect it to be perfect but it supposedly "learns" the more it is used and the results will get better over time. Not only can you search for whatever comment codes you need here on GiveMeLip but you can also search our sister sites -- for mostly Myspae Layouts and Myspace generators and then for more Myspace Christian Layouts and Christian and family images. Test it out and let us know if it works out for you or let us know if it doesn't work and if we should just remove it.

Newly Added Featured Myspace Comment Images and features
We added the easy to use visual display above to show examples of some of the newest myspace images and myspace comments. Obviously we can't fit them all in there but hopefully we can keep it updated with some of the more popular sections that are new.

Don't forget to add us on your favorite social networkd and say hi (links on the right navigation). We definitely like to see people use our own myspace comments, friendster comments, hi5 comments,bebo comments and anywhere else you see us. Of course you can also use our comments on blogs and websites too!

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